Ski Day with my Girls

Ski Liberty

There was little snow, few runs were open, and the weather warm but it wasn’t crowded and attitudes were great which resulted in a wonderful time skiing today at Ski America with my girls.

Out by 8:30 AM and back by 5:00 PM. Not long but rarely do I get this much quality time with Court and Kels. Going skiing today wasn’t my fondest idea of how to spend the day but their enthusiasm fueled our exit and once we hit the road the fun began. En route we came across a covered bridge and a child’s playground, both at which we had fun. While at Ski America we skied all the slopes available to us.

Basically we skied till we dropped. It was fun! See pictures …

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My First Indoor Swim Meet

Indoor Swim Meet Facility

By trying new things I’ll often fail at first but from that failure comes learning and a new day where I can try again and do better.

I’ve been swimming now for two years. The first year was spent getting healthy and learning the basics. The second year I started to increase my strength, began refining my strokes, and participated in a few outdoor long distance lake swims. Today, at age 47, I competed in my first indoor meet.

The event I swam was a 1,650 yard swim which I completed in 25:26. That isn’t a bad time for a beginner but not a terribly impressive. For the first time I started the race off the block (elevated diving stump), that was fun, but I didn’t pace myself well and therefore grew tired too early. My coach gave me lots of constructive feedback afterwards and I know I’ll do better next time.

“Next time.” I can hardly believe it. I’m actually considering a repeat.

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