Desert Southwest to San Francisco

Golden Gate Bridge

It’s sooo sappy to quote Tony Bennet but I did, I really did leave my heart in San Francisco. In two an a half days I walked an incredible 25 miles and took hundreds of pictures. SF smiled the whole time!

Three weeks, 8,250 miles of driving, and a breathtaking set of experiences. I won’t elaborate on it here because I’ve done that in spades here. <fix> Our National Parks are amazing and San Francisco is out of this world!

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Enter: Small Adventures

Atop Old Rag

Adventures should not only be extended excursions. If they were then they’d be too rare. Adventures should also be brief, as brief as a day.

During certain months it’s difficult to take road trips. Camping isn’t an option. Weather doesn’t cooperate. Parks are closed for the season.

At the same time, I live near some of the world’s greatest cities. Washington D.C. and New York City are two excellent examples and they’re both a reasonable driving distance. I’m committed to not repeat my past mistakes; I will take advantage of getting to know great places near where I live.

As I write this, I’m putting the finishing touches on a new sidebar feature of this blog: Day Trips. Here I will pull together my smaller sites which describe short trips. With this feature I hope to have fresh postings often.

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