Family Picture Update

Our Girls

I’m entitled to be proud! Here they are after winning the key meet of the year, thereby securing the league championship yet again ... way to go!!!

My primary purpose for this post is to share a picture of the family taken at today’s swim meet. It’s been a while so I figured an update was appropriate.

Family Picture

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Across the U.S. with Kelsey

Kelsey Jumps for Joy

That girl can jump! 🙂 At the border of Indiana and Michigan on Ohio 66 we paused for this excited moment of picture taking. It was one moment among many on this best trip ever down Route 66!

We drove from Washington D.C. to Los Angeles but it was certainly not a straight line. To begin with we headed north to Cleveland and Chicago, then south and west along Route 66 through eight states to Santa Monica. We took many detours along the way and among them was a trip to San Antonio to visit my brother’s family, a trip to Dallas to attend a Rascal Flatts/Taylor Swift concert and a jaunt to the Grand Canyon. Yes, we drove a lot but we had a GREAT time!

Kelsey flew home; I headed to SF, turned right, and drove home.

On her return, Kelsey built a photo album that you can see here. <fix>

Suffice to say, on this trip we had the time of our lives!

For the Record:
We drove 4,550 miles to Los Angeles and I drove another 3,460 home.

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