National Swimming Championships

Long Course Nationals in Portland, Oregon

Long course pools are 50 meters and for my primary event I swam 30-laps ... and I came in sixth!

I was in Oregon during Nationals so why not attend? My instincts were to sign-up for a long distance event so the 1,500 meters it was. My team could use me in a few relays so I did that too. Little did I know that I’d enjoy it so much … I should have entered more events.

Amazingly, I came in sixth place in the 1,500 meters for men 45-49. The three relays didn’t do as well but regardless I sure enjoyed swimming with team mates and getting to know them better. Good people. Fun times.

Based on my 50-meter relay times I’ll do more short races in the future.

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Oregon Air Show

Hillsboro Air Show

For 21 years this Air Show has taken place in Hillsboro, Oregon to the delight of legions of fans.

You want good weather for a flying exhibition and we had the best. Everything in the air was done in clear view yet the patchy clouds kept us cool. We sat back and soaked up a great show as the program moved from experimental craft, to sky diving, to stunt flying, to ultra lights, to army jets, and more.

As this was an “air” show, I’d guess there were two to three times as many people watching the show OUTSIDE of the airport and saving themselves the cost of entry. Far better to pay and support the cause; I’d like the show to continue forever and that only happens if it makes financial sense.

Military recruiting was everywhere and done rather well. There was lots of food, many planes on display, and a good turn out. People milled around the airport grounds for hours and hours. We had to leave after two hours and there was still much more to be seen. It’s a long event.

Even absent the Blue Angeles this year I still highly recommend the show. There’s a wide variety of very impressive acts and if you have the luck we did with weather, then you’ll really enjoy passing the afternoon looking up.

Check out some of the pictures I took: Continue reading

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Thirtieth High School Reunion

Travis in High School

Class of 1978: 635 ... Reunion Attendees: 135 ... Conversations: 35 ... Good times!

Faces were older, hearts were still young, and the evening together was fun.

Thirty years later we were together again. Conversations often started with little clue of who I was talking with but it usually didn’t take long for some memory to flood my senses and fill me with recognition. It’s amazing how at their core people hadn’t changed much, except for the aging part that is. <grin>

I’m glad I attended; I’m happy I reconnected; I look forward to the 40th.

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