Delmarva Loop

Misty of Chincoteague

Everyone to whom I wrote to about my visiting Chincoteague asked about Misty. Well here she is on Assateague Island where she lives till The Spring Swim during which the herds are chased from one island to the other.

A busy, busy couple of days! Intended as a pleasant two-day drive to acquaint myself with the Delmarva peninsula (Delmarva = Delaware, Maryland,Virginia) it turned into a very substantive trip. The original plan was to head to Jamestown, drive north to Chincoteague, and return home via Baltimore. Simple, right? No. As is so often the case, the closer you look, the more there is to do.  Continue reading

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Staunton Inaugruration

UVA at Obama Inauguration

Ostensibly I was simply transportation for Kelsey to go visit Courtney but it turned in to so much more including the opportunity to view President Obama’s inauguration in the UVA Arena with thousands!

Recently the short trip theme has seen lots of activity. Two hours from home is Charlottesville and only 45 minutes further puts you in Staunton, VA. “So what?” you may ask, “What’s there?” To which I say “A surprising lot!”

Here you have it:  I visited Woodrow Wilson Museum and Birthplace, the P. Buckley Moss MuseumMary Baldwin College, the Lunatic Asylum, historic downtown Staunton, the Frontier Culture Museum, and Sunspots Studios. I’ll tell you, I was not hurting for things to do! Continue reading

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Addressing Gettysburg

Gettysburg Cemetery

More people died in the battle of Gettysburg than any other battle in the Civil War. This field of dead was also the turning point for the Union Army ... winning the war started here in Gettysburg.

I had a 10 hour challenge: leave home, take in as much of Gettysburg as I could, and be home in time for dinner. Crazy goal but there you have it. The good news is that I succeeded and it was a great, albeit cold, day. Continue reading

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Kelsey Climbs Old Rag

Kelsey Climbs Old Rag

The forecast said one thing and reality showed a very different face. The day started at 45 degrees and gradually it got colder and windier. It got down into the 20s, it snowed and winds raged to 40 MPH!

Prior to today, only my wonderful mother had ever climbed Old Rag with me. Today that all changed as Kelsey hiked with me to both summits. Old Rag is such a wonderful hike that I’m happy another family member is in on it. Her choice was to climb the front to both peaks and then return down the front: six miles and climbing from 600 ft to 3,300 ft. We did it and it was great fun.

Here are a few pictures we took along the way… Continue reading

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