National Firearms Museum

Luke Skywalker

Yes that’s Luke Skywalker of Star Wars fame and yes I did find it funny that his light saber was on display at the National Firearems Museum. Oh, and yes, it was perhaps my favorite item on exhibit.

I’m not normally a firearms enthusiast. Their primary purpose of taking life is not something I think very highly of. However, I can get enthusiastic when I look at guns and rifles as precision machinery which have evolved over the centuries. This museum did a good job of showing off the mechanical evolution of firearms and that aspect I really enjoyed. Continue reading

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Lincoln Exhibition

Lincoln D.C. Exhibit

In this year of celebrating Lincoln’s 200th birthday EVERYONE seems to be having a party. Our Library of Congress which sits behind the Capitol Building was no exception.

OK, it’s official … I’m on a Lincoln kick! Thru a highly improbable series of web clicks I ended up on YouTube watching a video about a Lincoln exhibit at the Library of Congress that was ending in two days.

I got right on it! Continue reading

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