The AT: Appalachian Trail

AT Sign

There are few of these signs along the way but they’re located at strategic points. Here, next to I-66, was the start of the segment I hiked which is referenced as VA-Secton 5.

The trail is 2178 miles long and runs from Maine to Georgia. It’s world renown and it runs through the Shenandoah Mountains which are practically in my backyard. I like hiking  so it’s a natural stomping ground for me. My past walks along it were purely by chance as parts of different hikes. Today my goal was the AT. Continue reading

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Oregon Trek

Crescent City Lighthouse

Lighthouses sure hold a special appeal for me. Along the coast I saw 15 different lighthouses and most had a unique charm all its own. Here you can see the Crescent City lighthouse at dawn.

My trip started with the celebration of my mother’s 70th birthday, it continued with a slew of visits and day trips, this was followed by a nine-day 3,000-mile drive around Oregon, and finished with a micro-reunion of high school classmates. I came away with a renewed appreciation for Oregon, its diversity of beauty, and its history. It really is an impressive State.

If you’re curious to know more then you can check out my trip site here.

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A Look Back: London Bridges

Tower Bridge

No, it’s not the London Bridge but this iconic structure is often mistaken for it’s famous cousin. This is the Tower Bridge and it is easily the most commanding of all of London’s bridges.

For some odd reason bridges hold a fascination for me. It may be due to the fact that all their architectural wonder is on display for everyone to see. The variety and beauty also contribute as does size, either small or large. I seem drawn to bridges and in this quiet period while I’m traveling around Oregon I thought I’d post a retrospective to some bridge pictures.

To see a gallery of the 17 bridges crossing the Thames in London click here. <fix>

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