Lighthouses of Maine

Maine Lighthouse

Big sky and big sea can add to a light’s lure, especially when it’s perched up high as Owl Head lighthouse was. In Maine the variety is great but it can be a challenge finding a good view of the lights!

Maine’s coast is rocky and littered with little islands. It’s easy to understand why 82 lighthouses were needed to keep water traffic safe. This density of lights is what drew me to Maine’s coast, along with the promise of a visit to Acadia National Park. What wasn’t expected was the outlandish side trip to Prince Edward Island in Canada. Continue reading

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Acadia National Park

Jordan Pond

Jordan Pond is a spot I got a bit caught-up in. The water is crystal clear, the water was like glass, and the surrounding hills were quite the spectacle. No wonder I returned there four times!

Twenty five years ago Beth and I spent some of our honeymoon in Bar Harbor so we could enjoy this neighboring national park. My memory of Acadia was vague. I remembered islands, camping at ocean’s edge, and eating lobster but not much more. Perhaps it was the good vibe of getting married mixed with a wondrous setting but returning has long been a travel priority. Continue reading

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Lights of Prince Edward Island

PEI Bridge

Until 1998, the only way to get to Prince Edward Isle was by ferry. Now, the Confederation Bridge will get you across the seven mile gap for the small fee of $37. Ouch!

The bridge took me across to Canada’s smallest province. A beautiful island of rolling hills. The setting of House of Green Gables. A land of lighthouses aplenty. On my last visit to PEI charmed me so from my Maine trip I was motivated to make this mad-dash for a quick visit.

What did I do? Why shoot lighthouses of course! Continue reading

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The AT: Entering Shenandoah

Leave No Trace

As with many borders, were it not for the signs you wouldn’t know there was a border. Along the AT into the Shenandoah National Park I saw this sign ... I was glad to have arrived!

The forecast was for rain and there was a downpour as I drove to the trailhead. I was prepared for rain but I would have preferred not to slog through the mud. As it turned out I was very luck. It didn’t rain at all.

Where the Appalachian Trail crosses US 522 is where I started my hike. Continue reading

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