Dodge City and the Santa Fe Trail

Boot Hill

Buried with their boots on. Thirty five men and one woman were murdered in just a few years in lawless Dodge City. That all started to change when the sheriff came to town. The rest, as they say, is history.

It wasnt intentional but Im glad I stumbled along a chunk of the Santa Fe Trail which for decades (1820s to 1860s) was the route for trading with Spains Mexico. All I intended to do was visit Dodge City, the famous cattle town of the wild west. Well, I got my Wyatt Earp and a whole lot more. Continue reading

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Climbing Two Peaks

View from the Peak

“Dad, you got your pictures!” Courtney said. Yes, I certainly did, and they were all that I’d hoped for. My highest compliment? Beth said “They’re great!”

When I travel I monitor my peripheral vision. When something piques my interest then I make a mental note of it. In this case, two mountain peaks in the southwest had caught my eye, scaling them was on my agenda, and now seemed like the perfect opportunity … so I climbed them! 

The first hike was to the top of Chiricahua National Monument’s Sugarloaf Mountain. The elevation change was only a few hundred feet and the distance was less than a couple of miles but it was still a challenge. Why? The sun was setting and I needed to get back to my car before it set so I made haste!

Chiricahua National Monument Fire Station

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One Great Adventure with Courtney

Court at the Grand Canyon

She’s almost 21 years old, almost finished with her undergraduate studies, and almost flown the coop but she’ll always be my first-born daughter, always a remarkable young lady, and someone I’ll love forever.

It was Beth’s idea that for Spring Break Courtney and I should do a road trip and after 26 years I’ve learned to listen to her. However, a college student is still of a mindset that spending time with Dad is far less enjoyable than romping on a beach with her buddies. Well, I can’t say she was wrong in her thinking but I told her I’d try really, really hard to not be boring. In the end and much to my excitement she accepted. The stage was set.  Continue reading

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A Look Back: Ricketts Glen

Ricketts Glen

Two rivers run through glens (narrow valleys) and merge producing a variety of falls which are all visible during a short hike of less than three miles. They’re not just there to be seen. You can actually climb around in them!

Between two extensive road trips covering what will amount to more than 22,000 miles I decided it was appropriate to post a reminder. There are plenty of lovely sites near home in the mid-atlantic area. One such destination is Ricketts Glenn which is a four hour drive into Pennsylvania and in theory a one-day round trip. Here youll find a network of 21 waterfalls over a very short distance, making it both pleasant to visit and gratifying to photograph.

Check out the original blog post here: Ricketts Glen Falls

Ricketts Glen State Park Map

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