A Look Back: Historic Route 66

Route 66

This mosaic is made up of hundreds of pictures taken along Route 66. It has shots of diners, roadside giants, ancient bridges, crazy museums, and so much more. I’ve blown it up and printed it poster-size!

No outing has stirred-up my yearning for road trips more than driving from Chicago to Los Angeles along Historic Route 66. With the right guide there is still much to be seen. For any fan of early twentieth century Americana, the path is rich with rewards. How much have I enjoyed it? Well, enough to have driven it eight times and still be wanting more!

Check out my first trip blog here.

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Family Comes Calling

Paul On Trampoline

A more beautiful boy is hard to find. Paul is my nephew and when he visits our trampoline gets more of a workout than during all the rest of the year ... combined. He’s physically expressive and he obviously enjoys jumping. We’re always thrilled to have him come for a visit.

When does family predictably unite? At births, at weddings and at funerals. This time the reason was a wedding and more family than usual was in the area. My father was here. My uncle and aunt came. We even had the pleasure of my brother and his family being in the area. Happily they all made themselves available for an afternoon with us at home.

Thanks to them!

These spies hiding behind shades are Charlene and Cliff (aunt & uncle).

Here Geoff poses with Paul just before heading out on a kayak ride.

Others were present but not feeling camera-friendly … which was fine.

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More Old National Trail

Mile Marker

Mile markers were a requirement by the federal government but no specifications were provided. Each State created their own design; this three-sided version from Ohio is my favorite.

Thomas Jefferson commissioned this road which means what remains of it has been around almost as long as the United States. Call me nuts but this amazes me. By looking hard I can still see pieces of of that road and Ive made several outings to drive as much of it as I can. Continue reading

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