Wales Across England to Scotland

Wales England Scotland

Three ambitions, three countries, and six weeks to do it all. Another great U.K. trip. (But see that green island to the’s next on my list!)

This trip started with three ambitions: ride the Snowdon Mountain Railway, walk the length of Hadrian’s Wall across England and again climb Ben Nevis. These ambitions happen to be achievable in three different parts of the U.K.: Wales, England and Scotland respectively. These geographies became the rough outline of my trip which was conducted in phases as outlined below.

The list below is in chronological order. If you’re curious to learn about any segment of my trip then just click on any title below. If you want to see the trip in its entirety then click the first title and subsequently click “Next” at the bottom of each page to progress to the next page. If you’re interested in the three ambitions listed above then click here. If you’re not interested in any of this then be off with you(!) and thanks for your time.

Wales Phase:

England Phase:

Scotland Phase:

Before returning home I wanted to visit family and spend time in London:

I’d like to say I love visiting the U.K. but if I did then it would be incomplete.
Still absent from my knowledge is Ireland, an island I’ve never even set foot on.
I’d be lying if I didn’t admit that I feel its gravitation pulling at me already.

I think that I need to stop resisting and visit Ireland next, don’t you?

I do!   😎

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